We have little control over the events that flow in and out of our life.


But with personal empowerment, we can manage our responses to these challenges AND find 'your' unique gift that only 'you' bring to this earth. 


By taking this online course and reading this book from the comfort of your own home, in just two weeks you will find the courage to change, discover your deepest life purpose, break down barriers and cultivate your empowerment.


Kari Fulmek’s amazing business success with Equine Connection - The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning Inc., now empowering people through equine assisted learning all over the world, is blended with her dramatic life story to create one of the most unusual personal development books on the market.


It is a riveting read as well as a goldmine of great advice and a logical, step-by-step guide to empowerment.

SOMETIMES life knockS you off balance AND YOUR POWER IS LOST...

it's time to get it back!


Before becoming a Master Instructor at the Equine Connection, Kari was a Million Dollar Weekenders sales manager, a motivational speaker for maintaining a great attitude every day and a manager at the Strathmore Stampede, third largest rodeo in Canada, with 40 Committee Heads and 700 volunteers. Kari is one of the world's leading instructors in the Equine-Assisted Learning, helping others become competent Equine Assisted Learning facilitators and run their own successful horse businesses. 


Kari is the author of 'Two Weeks to Empowerment' book and workbook which features an intensive online course to help women to be empowered! She was also featured in the book 'If It's Not Hard It's Not Your Dream’, a biography of Kari’s triumph over adversity and loss.

Kari lives in Strathmore, AB just outside the Calgary, AB area. Her better half is Sid Chadwick. She has three daughters whom she has always said has been her greatest accomplishment!

We only have one life!

We only have this one incredibly short, but absolutely BEAUTIFUL life...are you
living it powerfully?


Part of finding your power is knowing that you are enough, that you have a gift, that you have a purpose! But when life gets in the way, it is easy to lose sight of who you are.


It is time to focus on removing those obstacles in your life, to help you find your POWER!


Join us for Two Weeks to Empowerment Online Course! In just two weeks, you will find your power, your gift, your purpose, and to start practicing self-empowerment in your life… NOW!


HERE's what you get


The book Two Weeks to Empowerment by Kari Fulmek

The Two Weeks to Empowerment Workbook

Support from your instructor and your peers

Your step by step online course

6 lessons to empower yourself over 14 days

Access to your online course for life!

By taking this course you will

Learn where your power is and clarify what your purpose is so you can live authentically and successfully.

Discover the importance of growth as a factor of empowerment and look for it proactively.

Summon the courage to change and step outside of your zone of complacency.

Break down the barriers to your empowerment.

Understand that it is beneficial to accept the guidance of other influences in your life.

Cultivate an attitude of empowerment.

Expand your brain to imagine more than your eyes can see.

Use your special gift to empower others.

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